I had brought my motorbike with me from England. It was a 50cc Honda Marauder that I had bought for when long-term railway engineering works had disrupted part of my commute into London. I was no biker for sure, but I loved this handsome little machine that looked far more powerful and slick than it actually was. In those days there were very … [Read more...]


lunch break

I opted for lunch at a rather gaudy mid-town snackette where a friend had recently secured a part-time cooking and waiting job. It seemed a good idea to patronize the place and offer her a bit of moral support. Although it was still fairly empty I took a seat at the bar and studied the rather stark menu which was written on a small slate that hung … [Read more...]


Boiling Lake

Valley of Desolation, Dominica

I hiked to the Boiling Lake yesterday. Here are some pictures. The weather was great - as good as I can remember on this hike - and the scenery was breathtaking. The trail was in pretty good shape except for the Morne Nicholls - Valley of Desolation descent/ascent. To be honest this is always the worst part and the trickiest to maintain. Quite a … [Read more...]


Catch up

Miracle Lake Dominica

It's been a while since I posted any updates - life has been getting in the way of all the fun - but I'm back now. I'm working on a few new things; a new book (something a bit different) and you may have already seen the Roseau City Guide website which I've created to help out cruise ship/day visitors. Anyway, so here I am starting from scratch … [Read more...]


Dominica Gardens

living fence

Just for fun, and maybe even a little interest (!), I've kicked off a community blog for enthusiastic nature island gardeners - I hope it will take off but that really depends on whether I can get others to post. Let's see. I think it would be cool if it does, so go and check it out from time to time and see how we're … [Read more...]