Some photos I took of the Pointe Baptiste coastline yesterday. … [Read more...]


wet moon


The moon over Roseau and the Caribbean Sea on a showery April evening. My neighbour returns home on his motor scooter. … [Read more...]


Jacko Steps


I enjoyed some good company on the Jacko Steps trail today and had the bonus of meeting up with my old friend, Eunace, along the way. "I thought you may have forgotten me," I said. "I haven't seen you this way in a while," she said, "but you've always been here in my mind." We talked for a while. She told me of the new place she and Mal had … [Read more...]


Delices gardens


Aunty Joan and her neighbour Agnes live in the sleepy village of Delices on the south east coast of Dominica. Set against a backdrop of rainforest-covered mountains, their gardens are magical places, linked by a network of labrynthine tracks that meander between raised vegetable beds, chicken coups, countless fruit trees and colourful sprays of … [Read more...]


Carnival Tuesday


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Beach dog


Mero beach dog. He doesn't do small talk. But he likes a bit of chicken and reggae. … [Read more...]



I was in a cathedral, I'm not sure which one, but I guess it could have been the Roseau Cathedral here in Dominica. It was functioning as an exam hall and I, along with many others, was sitting at a small wooden school desk staring at a question paper. Apparently I had failed to register a specialist subject on which I would have been tested, so … [Read more...]


An afternoon stroll


I took a walk around the neighbourhood today and headed up the mountain road to the north east. I saw a jaco parrot and a couple of agouti, and met a fellow who goes by the name of Roots. He gave me his spin on life and I gave him mine. I think we bonded fairly well, sitting on a pile of straw grass by the galvanised steel hut he uses to keep his … [Read more...]


Late night shopping

I needed a few things for the morning so went to a late night shop in Goodwill. Inside it was heaving, despite the hour. I took my place in line and was grateful a wall-mounted TV was showing football from the opening day of the English Premier League. After a little while my view was obscured by a giant of a young man who stared down at me. He … [Read more...]