dreams of a wistful nomad (4.0)

DREAMS OF A WISTFUL NOMAD By Paul Crask Kylius The morning sky was overcast and the town was covered in a thick blanket of snow. Flakes continued to fall in flurries but at least the chill wind had abated. Kylius pulled his threadbare jacket tightly around his neck and ventured out into the street. Dark outlines of people moved against the … [Read more...]


I got chatting with my neighbour last night just as the sun was going down. I was digging out elephant grass and other weeds, he was watching me. He earns a living as a gardener so I'm never quite sure what he's thinking when he sees me weeding, digging, planting and so on. - So how is work ? I asked. - Good oui. - So is it a big garden … [Read more...]


Dominica Gardens

living fence

Just for fun, and maybe even a little interest (!), I've kicked off a community blog for enthusiastic nature island gardeners - I hope it will take off but that really depends on whether I can get others to post. Let's see. I think it would be cool if it does, so go and check it out from time to time and see how we're … [Read more...]


dreams of a wistful nomad (2.3)

DREAMS OF A WISTFUL NOMAD By Paul Crask Kylius “Perhaps another day,” said Eggbert, reading Kylius’ disappointed expression. “Would you mind ?” He stood up, exposing himself, and Kylius quickly passed his towel. Eggbert took it and stepped out of the tub. As he did so, two young kitchen maids appeared and carried it away. “Well, now, … [Read more...]

Tropical Storm Bertha

A photo of Tropical Storm Bertha that I took from my porch this evening as it tracked south west of Dominica and headed out into the Caribbean. and another ... … [Read more...]