Nelly Stharre


This is a photo I took of my friend Nelly Stharre. She was a very talented singer and song writer as well as a beautiful person. I was thinking about her today.

She asked me to take her on a hike to a place she had never been; so I did. She swam in a waterfall pool like she had always belonged there. A woman of the earth.

Nelly died in mysterious circumstances in August 2015. Her death has never been confirmed nor explained. It’s hard to listen to her music without feeling sad.


It’s the part of the project I dislike; advertising sales. I’m no good at it, but it’s the only way I can make the second issue of Dominica Traveller happen.

Occasionally the first thing people ask me is ‘what kind of a discount are you going to give me?’. It’s as if they imagine I have no costs and that all their money is going straight into my pocket as profit. The reality is that the magazine is very expensive and a huge effort to produce. I’m not a big publishing house.

I fantasise about walking into a restaurant and asking ‘how much of a discount are you going to give me to eat here?’. People would think that was a strange thing to do.



This is my friend Pomme (aka Pump) who has lived completely self-sufficiently on a mountain plateau in the south of Dominica for almost 40 years. He was the inspiration for an article in the first issue of Dominica Traveller and he features on the cover.



A photo of my friend and artist Marie Frederick in her Indigo studio in Bornes, Dominica. She told me her story over several cups of local coffee and I wrote and published an article about her in the first issue of Dominica Traveller.