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I’m the author of two Bradt Travel Guides: Dominica and Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. You can get them online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Foyles, Stanfords and others.

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“You won’t find any recent comprehensive guide to Dominica by Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Moon or any of the big names. What you need is Paul Crask’s Bradt Guide to Dominica, 2nd edition (2011).” Tampa Bay Times

“An island like Dominica is not a place that is well documented. You have to do your research in advance to make the most out of a holiday there. And this is where Paul Crask’s excellent guide comes in. In fact it’s far more than a guide – it’s very much like having Paul himself on hand to make your holiday perfect. Sight seeing, eating, sleeping – Paul has all the top tips. There are some very clear maps, and we would never have been able to hike so well without Paul’s description of some of the more imaginative off beat trails that we explored. He’s so honest and amusing with it. Paul is well known on the island. We actually met the man who is responsible for all the restoration work on the fort in Portsmouth, and he was pleased to see us carrying Paul’s guide instead of the local handout at the entrance which is designed to get you lost! Thank you Paul for making our holiday – and thanks for being on hand all day every day. If you are going to Dominica, you need this with your passport, camera and money. Little else matters.” Nick Kennerly

“Yesterday I received my copy of Dominica “part deux” straight from the UK, there was no way I was waiting for it to hit the shelves in Canada. To mark the occasion I slept in my back yard in a hennessy hammock that I purchased for the Wai’tukubuli trail and read my new favorite book by flash light.” Larry Bartlett

“The best guidebook to Dominica – and one of the best guidebooks to any single country in the Caribbean. Author Paul Crask seems to know every crevice of the island and liberally shares his insider’s knowledge in this fun, snappy guide.”

“To write a book as detailed and informative as Dominica – the Bradt Travel Guide you have to know the island of Dominica like the back of your hand… and the author Paul Crask certainly does.” Active Caribbean

“I had read many reviews of several travel guide books on Dominica and Crask’s book here was the best of them all. We used it before the trip and during. Great info, accurate and pretty much up to date. Not a complete listing but the best overall guide for the island you will find to date. Even the owners of the guest house we stayed at in Dominica said it was the best guide book out there. Buy it! You won’t be disappointed.” Don Pickert

“We have spent an unforgettable 2 weeks camping vacation on Dominica in May 2013. Our trip was not prepared, booked or organized in any way so the Bradt Dominica travel guide, written by Paul Crask, was our only help to get through Nature Island. It has done a perfect job! The author is living on Dominica since a couple of years and each page of the book shows how much he loves his chosen home. The travel guide contains plenty of information about each single place to be found on the island. In addition, there are wonderful photographs, detailed hiking descriptions and – what we appreciated most – very interesting background stories about the island. Dominica can be experienced at its best by foot and this is what the author focuses on. The detailed way he describes each single trail shows that he has hiked them countless times and that he knows each one by heart. However he did not only concentrate on Dominica’s beautiful flora and fauna – he did also not forget to write about its genuine and absolutely hospitable people. The book is therefore much more for us than just a travel guide. Reading it while being on Dominica felt like having explored the island together with the author, having hiked with him and having met the people he knows. It is a declaration of love to the most unspoilt island of the Caribbean, its gorgeous landscape and its incredibly friendly people. It is an invitation to detect and to explore this unique place – having accepted this invitation we do now love the island as much as the author does. We do absolutely recommend the book to anyone who wants to visit Nature Island as well.
Futhermore we do strongly recommend to read Paul Crask’s travel blog [...] and his “Dominica Journals”, a series of short essays about nature and people on the island.”
Sindy Schöffler

“Just like Paul Crask’s guide to Dominica, this (Grenada) is an excellent and comprehensive guide to the island. It helped us immensely and I would not be without it. Highly recommended.” A. Mirza “Aisha”

“Grenada – the Bradt Travel Guide is a “must have” travel guidebook when you are planning your holiday, especially for those adventurers amongst us who want to delve deeper than the beaches and discover Grenada behind the scenes. ” Active Caribbean

“I just wanted to tell you how useful and helpful your travel guide was! We loved all of the details (especially for the hikes) and could not have had the amazing trip that we did without it!” Sarah Squires

“This book is a fantastic guide for travel on the island of Dominica! It encompasses everything any traveler would ever want to do! I was interested in hiking opportunities and there was information on more hikes than I could have ever finished during my time there! In particular there is very detailed descriptions of the 14 segments of the Waitukubuli Trail. I would recommend this book to ANYONE travelling to Dominica.” Ruben (Amazon)

“I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the information in the 2nd edition Dominica guide book. It was very easy to follow and amazingly thorough and accurate. We will be sure to check out Bradt guides for our future trips.” Kenny Oberholtzer

“Thank you for your excellent, informative, and entertaining book! We would not be making this trip without this level of guidance.” Lori Shridhare

“A few words to let you know we had a fantastic trip to the island for two weeks…. Your guide is simply the best!” Roberto Londei

“We had a great time in Grenada aided by your guide book. You would have been amused at the daily “Is Paul Crask in the car?”, “Where is Paul Crask?”, “Have you seen Paul Crask?”, “What does Paul Crask say about that?” Your second guide really is as good as your first – congrats!” Mike Short