I got chatting with my neighbour last night just as the sun was going down. I was digging out elephant grass and other weeds, he was watching me. He earns a living as a gardener so I’m never quite sure what he’s thinking when he sees me weeding, digging, planting and so on. – So […]


Dominica Gardens

living fence

Just for fun, and maybe even a little interest (!), I’ve kicked off a community blog for enthusiastic nature island gardeners – I hope it will take off but that really depends on whether I can get others to post. Let’s see. I think it would be cool if it does, so go and […]

banana grove

Our banana grove is looking replete ! How on earth will we eat all those ?

Living fence

An update on my living fence experiment. It’s alive ….


the living fence


I’m experimenting with a living fence along the southern boundary of my garden. In England I would have used willow for this task but it doesn’t grow here so I’m trying glory cedar (Gliricidia sepium) instead. Fortunately after I had finished this first section it rained so I’m hopeful it will grow. Though it should […]


A short (non commercial) photo slideshow of preparations through to grand opening. I was very proud of my little village this week. Giraudel Flower Show 2014 from paul crask on Vimeo. The lovely backing track is Sempre Ricordo from the Opera Babes album Beyond Imagination. Hope the babes are okay with me using it.


Delices gardens


Aunty Joan and her neighbour Agnes live in the sleepy village of Delices on the south east coast of Dominica. Set against a backdrop of rainforest-covered mountains, their gardens are magical places, linked by a network of labrynthine tracks that meander between raised vegetable beds, chicken coups, countless fruit trees and colourful sprays of tropical […]