Tropical Storm Bertha

A photo of Tropical Storm Bertha that I took from my porch this evening as it tracked south west of Dominica and headed out into the Caribbean. and another …


Roseau City Guide

Roseau City Guide

My Roseau City Guide website is now live. With a few updates and added extras, the content of the website is taken from the Roseau chapter of my Bradt Dominica Travel Guide (second edition). It is mobile ready and is primarily aimed at day visitors, helping them to maximise their short time in and enjoyment […]

Red Rocks, Dominica

Morne aux Diables is the backdrop as the sun goes down over the red rocks at Pointe Baptiste on Dominica’s north east coast.

Morne Trois Pitons, Dominica

Here’s a bird’s eye view of west central Dominica from the top of Morne Trois Pitons, the island’s second tallest peak and namesake of our very own UNESCO World Heritage Site. The vegetation at the top is predominantly clusia (known locally as kaklen) with the occasional mountain palm. It’s a tough hike to the top […]

forward ever

Forward Ever, the killing of a revolution. Looks like an unmissable film about Grenada revolutionary leader Maurice Bishop. Looking forward to it.


I was a Leeds Uni student when I discovered Kurt Vonnegut. His books were a constant distraction from the texts I was supposed to be reading. Thanks to an article in the Guardian newspaper today, I’ve learned there’s even more to love about him. So it goes.


Spent the night on the beach at Rosalie Bay hoping to see a giant leatherback turtle come ashore to lay her eggs. No luck. But it was worth it for the sunrise.


Enjoyed a cold beer with Irma while a peaceful Atlantic lapped against the deserted Batibou shoreline and the late afternoon sun stole away to the west.


Some photos I took of the Pointe Baptiste coastline yesterday.