An article I wrote for Suitcase magazine volume 12 is just out.

Dominica 3

I’ve agreed to write a third edition of my Bradt Travel Guide to Dominica. It will be published in the autumn of 2016. Looking forward to hiking all those trails again.

Yellow came running up to me in Roseau today, gave me a big hug and said “I thought you had gone back to South Africa for good !” Not really wanting to get into explaining a case of mistaken identity with her I just said “No, Yellow, I’m still here.” “Well that’s good ! That’s good !” she replied, letting me go. “So you can gimme a dolla, nah ?”


My pal Marie Frederick at her Indigo Art Studio in Bornes.

I was walking across Government HQ compound this morning when a man asked me for a dollar. I don’t think he was a minister.

Vanishing Sail

Just written an article about Alexis Andrews’ new film Vanishing Sail for Simply Antigua & Barbuda guide.

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